Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Are the Flowers delivered by you, in fresh condition? Are they couriered?

    Flowers are hand delivered by a local florist to assure you of their freshness.

  2. Do you make deliveries on Holidays including Sundays?

    The products which are hand delivered are made throughout the year including holidays and Sundays.

  3. Do you customize gifts even if not displayed on your website?

    Yes, we do deliver customized gifts. Simply send us a mail and we will confirm you about the delivery of such products to your desired location.

  4. Can order be fulfilled within the Same Day?

    Place your orders within 4 p.m. to avail completion of the order on the Same Day.

  5. What measures do you taker if the ordered perishable items are not delivered in fresh condition?

    If the recipient objects in receiving the product dissatisfied with its freshness, then we re-deliver the same product without charging for any extra cost. If, after accepting the product a complaint is lodged, we would not grant it.

  6. How will the delivery of items, unavailable locally, take place?

    We courier the items within 1-3 days if they are not available in the local market. The delivery time will depend upon holidays, if any and the area of delivery.

  7. Do you provide any Greetings Card along with your products?

    Yes, a Greeting Card is provided with every delivered gift so that you can send your messages through it.

  8. How will the customer come to know about the completion of the delivery?

    We generally complete our deliveries on the ordered date and till date 99.99% of the deliveries have been done on the specified date. We update the status on the next day of delivery. For any enquiry regarding delivery, just give us a call.

  9. If you miss out any location in your specified list then how will delivery to the said location take place?

    We deliver products all over UK, still if any location is not enlisted in our page, we would try our best to deliver the product there.

  10. If the customer request for delivery at a specific time, is it done so?

    We can guarantee you delivery on a specified date but we do not guarantee about the time due to traffic and road conditions. If you want your orders to be delivered on time then please specify it in the Other Instructions Box in Order Form during submission.

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