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Privacy Policy
  1. How do you handle the customer details entered into your system during purchase of items?

    During purchase of products from our website, the contact details of our customer, their choice of gifts and date of delivery entered are kept secured in our database. We also keep secure the printouts for record purpose.

  2. For what reasons are the customer details required by you?

    We require the customer details for the following reasons:

    1. Festive Offers and Promotion Purposes

      We keep in our records, the email addresses of our customers and recipients and send them a mail for promotions and festive purposes.

    2. Upgradation of Products and Services

      To keep updated about our new products and services, we forward a mail to the senders and recipients.

    3. Market Survey

      The details such as the product chosen by the customer, place of residence of the sender and recipient, are used to spot the markets that require our service. The gathered informations are entirely intended for our internal purpose.

    4. Enquiry of Purchase and Delivery Status

      With the help of our customerís or the recipientís email address, we communicate with them for the purchase and delivery status of the item bought from us.

  3. Do you collect and store the customerís Credit Card details?

    The customerís Credit Card details are never collected and stored by us. Moreover, we do not get any hint of their credit card number. While buying products from our website, the customers need to enter their credit card number directly into the form supplied by the credit card payment gateway. They keep all the details collected from the credit card, confidential.

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